Other Packaging


250ml Square bottle

 Code  250RK
 Description  250ml Square Bottle 
 Colour  Flint
 Finish  31.5mm ROPP
 Height  201.7mm
 Diameter 47.4 / 60.8mm
 Weight  235gm
 Pallet Quantity   2,250 pieces

500ml Craft Beer Bottle

 Code 500CB-2
 Description  500ml Craft Beer Bottle 
 Colour  Amber
 Finish  26mm Pry-off Crown
 Height  264mm
 Diameter  68.6mm
 Weight  365gm
 Pallet Quantity  1,440 pieces

500ml Amber Beverage Bottle

 Code  500-A28  
 Description  500ml Amber Beverage Bottle 
 Colour  Amber
 Finish  28mm Screw
 Height  183.1mm
 Diameter  75.4mm
 Weight  270gm
 Pallet Quantity   1,764 pieces



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