Frequently Answered Questions



Why use UniquePak?

Dealing with UniquePak allows our customers to utilise the competitiveness and flexibility of dealing with Chinese glass manufacturers whilst the production is closely and carefully overseen by our own professional Quality Control teams to trusted Australian/Western quality standards.  We are also able to take your bottle concept through a step-by-step process to minimise risk to ensure that this concept is actually what you are striving to achieve.  Our business is 100% Australian owned and you are able to discuss any part of the process with either our Chinese or Australian teams. 

Why shouldn’t I just deal with Chinese glass plants directly?

Many of our customers have eventually come to us only after first experiencing poor quality outcomes in dealing with Chinese glass plants directly and in many instances whilst they believed they were dealing directly with these glass plants, they were actually dealing with a Chinese trader who had no idea as to the quality requirements of Western spirit and wine markets.  There are numerous examples on the web of companies claiming to own a glass plant but in reality they don’t, many of these companies have impressive websites and are only lying to the Global public.  By ensuring that our QC team is stationed at the relevant glass plant for the whole production run we take responsibility for and ensure good quality outcomes.

Is UniquePak able to produce designs for us and what is the cost?

Yes, we can do this for a standard fee of US $300 and all of this cost is credited should you proceed to mass production.  The designs we create will include the production of a concept drawing and 3D rendered images so you can see the appearance of the final product.

Is UniquePak able to produce samples prior to committing to mass production moulds and full production?

Yes, we can arrange a sample mould to be manufactured which allows us to produce samples.  8-10 samples will be produced for a cost of US $1,500.  To assist our customers 50% of this cost will be credited back should you proceed to mass production. The lead-time for this process is 45 days from a signed technical drawing and payment.

What are the production mould costs?

We use different factories depending on the glass product required and so production mould costs can vary. They start at US $5,000.

What is the minimum production quantity?

This does vary for different products, we can arrange quantities of around 10,000 - 12,000 pieces of high-end 750ml spirit bottles up to say 200,000 pieces of wine bottles and RTD products.

What is the delivery point?

To minimise our costs and those to the customer we can arrange pricing that is either FOB (Free on Board) at the closest sea port to the production plant in China or CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) to the nearest USA sea port to your operation.  Naturally then you can utilise your own freight forwarder or we can also put you in touch with local USA based freight forwarders who can either import or just customs clear your bottles in the USA so that it is a seamless process.

Who will we be dealing with, UniquePak staff in China or Australia?

The sales process will be handled by our closely coordinated teams based in both countries.  Initially, you can pick up the phone and deal with our staff in Australia.


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